Lortab Abuse Causes, Statistics, Addiction Signs, Symptoms & Side Effects

What is Lortab?

Lortab, a narcotic pain consists of two differing pain medications (hydrocodone and acetaminophen), is one of those 200 hydrocodone products currently available on the market. Lortab is regarded as a reasonably addictive substance because of its hydrocodone element and is only available by prescription. Intended to be a pain reliever, Lortab is usually prescribed to offer relief for moderate to severe pain. Lortab comes in a pill form, but if used for illegal purposes, it’s normally crushed and snorted or injected as a diluted form, which may cause mimicking effects of Heroin, such as extreme “rushes” or the feeling of being “high”. Though Lortab isn’t perceived as a dangerous illegal drug, it’s frequently sought by addicts because of its similarities to Heroin and often sold in black markets, on the roads, or obtained via illegal prescriptions. Street names for Lortab are frequently used interchangeably with the street names of drugs with similar features, like Norco and Vicodin, such as “Vikes”, “Viko”, “Tabs”, and “Norco”. | In case you or a loved one is fighting with a Lortab addiction, you could realize the portions of your life could be unraveling. An addiction to Lortab can reap devastating effects of all facets of a person’s life, but with good treatment and aid, life doesn’t have to stop at this.

Lortab Addiction Statistics

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 2.2 million people pioneered the non-medical use of prescription pain relievers, such as Lortab, in 2005. A startling 60 percent of new users of pain pills reported that the drugs were obtained from a friend or relative for free the last time they used them. Additional data about Lortab addictions include the following:-

  • In a survey performed in 2005-2006 from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, the greatest proportions of Lortab non-medical usage were one of 18-25 year olds .
  • In 2004, the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) discovered that there were almost 1.3 million emergency department visits related to drug misuse, with 33 percent of those cases between opiate-based drugs, such as Lortab.

These figures continue to show the incidence of a Lortab addiction and highlight the need for effective treatment and care.

Reasons For Lortab Addiction?

The beginnings of a Lortab addiction can be overwhelming or confusing to grasp. Many in the throes of an addiction may wonder how the vicious cycle started or what triggered the violent behaviour. Several factors could be responsible to the beginnings or causes of a Lortab addiction, and it’s important to understand that addictions are complex disorders. 1 single cause of dependence does not exist, since they’re usually influenced by many different factors, such as physical, psychological, or social in nature. By way of instance, a person addicted to Lortab may have a relative who has fought with a chemical addiction, and this might potentially imply a genetic component or a physical reason for the addiction.

Likewise, a Lortab addiction may have grown from a way of coping with a traumatic or emotionally stressful situation. Lack of or inadequate coping mechanisms may lead someone to search for other ways of dealing with difficult emotions, and an addiction to Lortab can grow as an effort to numb pain. This would be regarded as a psychological trigger of a Lortab addiction. Finally, a man or woman who abuses Lortab might have developed this dependence because of exposure through family and friends, peer pressure, or effortless access to the medication. These are considered social causes of a Lortab addiction. The creation of a Lortab addiction might be because of one or more of those variables. Due to these complexities, it’s vital to obtain expert support to break the cycle of a Lortab addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Lortab Addiction

There are plenty of signs and symptoms to help that are correlated with a Lortab addiction. | Are you worried that your use of Lortab has escalated from legitimate use to illegal abuse? Do you suspect a loved one is fighting inside the throes of a Lortab addiction? Review these signs and symptoms to find out what is generally revealed in a Lortab enthusiast:-

  • Physical Side Effects — These include hyperventilation, paranoia, hallucinations, severe weakness, jaundice, bruising, hearing loss, clammy skin, nausea, muscular twitches, stomach pain, and decreased urination.
  • Effect on Relationships — Men and women hooked on Lortab will endure in their own relationships and personal life because of the amount of their time and energy that’s consumed with the medication. Social activities which were once enjoyed with friend and family will often be dissolved because of preoccupation with the drug.
  • Obtaining extra Lortab — Lortab addicts will behave beyond measure to get the drug however they could. This includes through way of stealing prescriptions of Lortab or fraudulently reaching doses of this medication.
  • Fixation with Lortab — Individuals afflicted by an addiction to Lortab will frequently go to any means to get the medication, often acting out of impulse. Much of the life becomes consumed with this.

Lortab Effects

Unfortunately, the effects of a Lortab addiction are harmful and go beyond the physiological effects. | Listed below are examples of the way the Lortab addiction can affect your life:-

  • Physically: An addiction to Lortab can damage your body physically by harmful otherwise normal mechanisms. In acute cases or overdose, death may occur.
  • Psychologically: A Lortab addiction can be damaging to your psychological well-being. Altercations incorporate a imbalanced perception, improved mood swings, and escalation in depression or anxiety
  • Social: Addicts who abuse Lortab will lead to destruction in their relationships or family units as they become isolated or refuse to take part in social roles once enjoyed

While there are a number of effects which are more obvious than others, an addiction to Lortab will influence you as an entire person, including your relationships, finances, physical and mental health and well-being. These effects can be short or long term, and some of the ramifications of this Lortab drug abuse cycle might be irreversible, like ones that may affect health and wellness. For these reasons, it’s necessary to obtain expert aid and proper treatment to effectively take care of the addiction. In case you’ve got a loved one who’s afflicted with an addiction to Lortab, you might realize that the effects of the struggle influences you also. Your continuing support and encouragement will help your loved ones seek recovery through treatment and prevent continued consequences from a Lortab addiction.

Lortab Withdrawal

Since Lortab is an opiate based drug, it can lead to a physical dependence rapidly in both short and long term usage. | Withdrawal effects from Lortab can happen whenever there is any abrupt cessation of the drug in an addiction cycle. | Based on how long Lortab has been abused and the dose usually taken, withdrawal symptoms may vary among Lortab addicts. Withdrawal symptoms will typically start 6-12 hours after the final dose taken and may include the following:-

  • Agitated and aggressive behaviour
  • Intense pain throughout the body
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Goose bumps
  • Hyperactivity
  • Stress
  • Body Chills
  • Muscle cramps with spasms
  • Tremors
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomitting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Depression

Lortab Withdrawal

Withdrawing from Lortab is a complicated procedure which should occur under the supervision and care of trained professionals and medical staff. | Having proper care will make certain that the individual withdrawing from Lortab will do so with little complications. Additionally, there are specific instances in which physicians may prescribe certain drugs to help lessen some of the uncomfortable effects felt from withdrawal symptoms, such as muscle cramps and extreme pain. Lortab treatment programs frequently have the required resources to safely and economically withdraw from the medication and must be regarded as part of the procedure. Many factors will determine the period of the withdrawal period in Lortab, including the length of time the medication was abused and the harshness of the Lortab addiction.

Lortab Treatment and Help

Starting the journey of recovery for a Lortab addiction can be overpowering. | Take relaxation and find hope in knowing that you’re not alone on this street. Even though you might feel it could be impossible to live life without Lortab, there’s hope from the knowledge that retrieval is always a possibility, no thing of your previous or where you’ve come from. You’re deserving of the freedom that’s experienced apart from reliance on a Lortab, and your life is valuable and worthy of retrieval. With the appropriate tools, tools, and support, you can be well on your way on the recovery journey towards freedom from a Lortab addiction with the support of a rehab facility. | By receiving the proper and necessary assistance, you will finally have the capability to overcome this addiction.