Biofeedback Therapy

What’s Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a type of remedy serving to recovering addicts acquire management over their thoughts and physique throughout remedy.

Throughout biofeedback, digital sensors are positioned on the affected person’s pores and skin. These sensors are wired to a particular medical gadget that provides medical professionals “suggestions” on the affected person’s “bio” indicators.

Biofeedback info is likely to be relayed again to recovering addicts within the type of pulsing sounds, photos or flashes of sunshine. This data helps them use leisure workout routines to manage how their physique responds to irritating conditions like withdrawals and cravings.

Biofeedback Remedy and Habit Remedy

Biofeedback remedy might help recovering addicts perceive their involuntary features. Medical professionals then use this info to create a remedy plan tailor-made to their particular wants.

Lots of our bodily capabilities happen with out us having to consider them. Once we’re nervous, tense or beneath extreme emotional stress, these involuntary capabilities could make us extra distressed. Biofeedback remedy tracks how the physique is unconsciously reacting to bodily and emotional stress.

Biofeedback remedy tracks involuntary features like:

  • Respiration fee
  • Coronary heart price
  • Pores and skin temperature
  • Blood strain
  • Sweating
  • Muscle contract

Alcohol or drug withdrawal signs usually result in bodily stress and heightened involuntary responses. Biofeedback may help deal with widespread signs of drug withdrawal, comparable to nervousness, melancholy, power muscle ache and restlessness.

Biofeedback machines report bodily capabilities and show them again to the recovering addict. As an illustration, somebody’s coronary heart charge would possibly seem like a pulsing gentle or picture on a pc monitor. If the sunshine is pulsing rapidly, the recovering addict is aware of they should use stress-relieving strategies to decrease their coronary heart charge. The pulsing gentle or picture on the display screen will decelerate accordingly as coronary heart charge slows.

Biofeedback Remedy Workouts

Mindfulness Meditation An train centered on releasing damaging feelings and ideas via peaceable focus.
Progressive Muscle Rest An train wherein recovering addicts concentrate on releasing rigidity in over-tight muscle mass within the physique, one muscle group at a time.
Guided Imagery An train directing ideas towards soothing, optimistic photos and situations to chill out the thoughts and physique.

Neurofeedback Remedy

EEQ remedy, also called “neurofeedback,” is a subset of biofeedback remedy that makes an attempt to calm overexcited mind exercise.

Over time, continued use of medication and alcohol can disrupt regular mind wave patterns. This irregular mind exercise is linked to nervousness, despair and different emotional points that may set off relapse.

Neurofeedback, a subset of biofeedback, will help restore mind waves again to wholesome, pre-addiction ranges.

Coupled with different habit remedy therapies, neurofeedback may give recovering addicts the coping abilities to keep away from relapse.

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Biofeedback and Different Habit Remedies

Biofeedback remedy is normally administered by a medical skilled with specialised tools. Specialised biofeedback smartphone apps can be utilized at dwelling to complement supervised remedy classes.

On-site remedy periods usually final 30 minutes to an hour. Somebody with a gentle habit would possibly solely want 10 biofeedback periods to see outcomes. Extra extreme addictions can require as much as 50 classes.

Biofeedback remedy is noninvasive. Those that expertise disagreeable reactions to dependancy remedy medicines may discover biofeedback an efficient various. Biofeedback remedy can be useful for addicted ladies recovering whereas pregnant since it’s a medication-free remedy.

Biofeedback and neurofeedback remedy may give recovering addicts a psychological edge in beating dependancy.

Understanding how the thoughts and physique are bodily affected by dependancy — and learn how to modify these results — may help recovering addicts really feel accountable for their restoration.

Biofeedback remedy may be efficient in treating psychological well being problems that co-occur with alcohol and drug abuse. A few of these embody consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD), obsessive compulsive dysfunction (OCD) and post-traumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD).