Types of Recovery

The Different Types of Rehab Centers

There are many different types of recovery centers, and it is difficult for us to list them all here. However, once you have viewed these different variations, you will have at least a fundamental understanding of what you can expect in your search:

Long-Term Rehabs

These programs begin at 60 days or longer. These are regarded as the ‘gold’ standard for drug rehabilitation due to the fact there is so much evidence that indicates they offer better results. This treatment is residential, meaning that the patient actively lives in the recovery location. This enables the focus to be on getting better without any potential outside distractions. It removes the individual from the current environment that may or may not be conducive to drug abuse. The in depth, uninterrupted care received here cannot be compared with anything else.

Short-Term Treatment

These are often based on the 28 or 29 day rehabilitation treatment programs. Even though 30 days or less may not be enough to enact long term change for many patients, the residential feature of the program still gets the patient out of his or her current situation. Although the likelihood of success are lower statistically speaking, it comes down to being better than no rehab, with the right rehab program and support.

Outpatient Care

There are people who love the idea of outpatient care, but it is particularly important that the patient have a reasonable idea about his or her own self-discipline on the road to sobriety. Even though it may offer many of the same therapeutic addiction care choices that you may find at inpatient recovery programs, it means that patients return home at the end of the day. Though it is conceivable to drug test patients to ensure the reliability of the program, many patients in recovery find it excessively difficult to remain sober on their own.

Luxury Option

This may conjure up notions of celebrity style spa vacations and lavishness, it really is nothing quite like that. What you will find here is evidence-based practices and creative treatment services. Because these types of programs are more pricey, the staff to patient ratio is much lower than with the conventional rehabilitation clinic. Because of the additional funds, it is often easier for these programs to build a complete program around the patient.

State Funded Programs

These are often the exact opposite of the luxury treatment option. Because they are state-funded (meaning that patients contribute nothing or very little to the overall cost of the rehab), it often means that the latest developments may not necessarily be available in these types of programs. Additionally, waiting periods before a patient is able to enter rehabilitation may be quite long as well.


Oftentimes patients have to rely on their insurance to pay for this type of treatment program or pay out of pocket themselves. Because they are more expensive, they again have added benefits such as smaller waiting lists and a better staff-to-patient ratio.

With so many different available types of rehabilitation facilities, it is essential to weigh your options before you make a decision. Learn more about how we can help you get the treatment you need, call now and get started on the path to lasting sobriety.